Hailing from a place with music at its core, DÚBH is the expression of an evolving concept that explores the positive affirmation of life and love.  A celebration.  PLAY IT LOUD!

Damien Bracken, vocals and keys
Jason Camelio, guitar and backing vocals
Marek Dykta, guitar
Victor Blagoev - electric bass and backing vocals
Vlade Guigni - drum set

Other DÚBH members include:
Han Beyli - electric bass and backing vocals
Lexi Hammer - Gospel vocals
Sarai Alexander - Gospel vocals
Isaiah Thomas - Gospel vocals
Shakale Davis - Gospel vocals

Johnny Nicholl - electric bass
Tom Griesgraber - electric bass, Chapman Stick, Theremin and Moog Taurus bass pedals
David Brooks - drum set and backing vocals
Shannon Jacob - keys